Photo Studio Four Seasons   2003-2017

The colors of each family change like those of four seasons.
A man and a woman loved and in love, that is the first hint of a family. As time goes by, smiles and tears knit the family together, and we are dazzled by its delicate shades of light and darkness.
By asking my subjects to hold an antique, and think of it as a symbol of family links with the past or the future as well as togetherness in the present, I wanted to conjure the emotional bonds between them.The antique object might evoke the hardships that brought family members closer, or the success of their joint efforts. It was important that everyone imagine it filled with the inmost essence of a life shared together.
I let my work evolve as collaboration with my subjects, a communion of heart with heart, sometimes joyful, sometimes solemn, always enriching.The lens of the camera connects me to my subjects by letting the light in each one illuminate my life while reflecting itself onto the surface of the film.
I hope you may enjoy recalling the seasons of your own family ties by watching the works on display.